The Ideal Way To Format A Support Question

Please post your issues here. Make sure to use the correct template and give as many details so we can help you!

What is the User Support section?

As you may be aware this is the area to ask your questions in regards to anything that is related to computer and tech stuff. I am sure almost everyone will need this at least once. Whether it be software technical support or hardware technical one. This section covers both aspects and shall be used to clear up any problems or misunderstandings you might have with them. Misunderstandings might not be the right term to use for this, but I assume misconception does not sound appropriated either.

This section of the forum can be used for questions in regards to anything, software, hardware and whatnot. You may not seek help when you go into the gray zones of the law, questions like: “Hi, I’ve downloaded crack XYZ and it does not work!?” Will simply be ignored and locked, since we are supporting the makers of the software and cracking it does not help them nor you. Plus it is illegal and not allowed anyway (See the forum rules).

Guidelines of posting a topic.

First of all, there is a set format to post a question here. You need to follow it and make sure that you write it with the intention to be informative. You can always say you have a problem but without proper description and elaboration on it, we will not be able to help you appropriately.

When posting a question, be as informative as possible. Give us any detail, you might think it is not needed or useless but believe me, everything can be used to help you! As more information we can gather from you, the faster and better the response will be. A description is important, really. Saying you’ve got a problem with Beam means nothing but that you have a problem. Saying that Beam crashes upon start up or when you’ve just launched is certainly more informative and can be used to evaluate your problem better and the responses will be much better and the guesses will be left out, at least most of the time. A problem has, in 99% of the cases, a solution. It is either written somewhere or people have just developed a way around or fixed it. Simple put, your helper needs as much information as possible, always keep that in mind!

I can’t find my topic, where has it gone?

It was probably just moved to the archive due to several reasons, one of them is inactivity. Just search in the archive for your thread, or use your own post history and see what it was locked for. If nothing was posted there, it was because of the inactivity. PM any tester to get your thread unlocked and moved back if it was not cleared up prior. Now something personal I’d like to address:

How to keep your thread active?

Just keep us up-to-date. Say whether an answer helped you or even solved the matter of why the thread was created in the first place, or what went wrong. Update with eventually additional information you’ve gathered whilst experimenting around or whatever! Just say what’s up right now, after you tried what someone suggested you to do. Double posts and general posting rules are still in places though! Use the edit button if necessary, it is there for a reason