Settings bug - Cannot change screen size


I cannot change the screen size in the settings


  1. Going in to the settings
  2. Go into screen settings
  3. Change screen size value
  4. Save it
  5. Exit window
  6. Go back in and check value
  7. See the value is back to default? (27,15)

Expected result

This value should be updated to a new value (in my case 21,50)

Actual result

The value just change back to 27,15 (default?)

Content/Useful Information

If 27,15 isnt the default I can see why it would be wrong on my device, but I should still be able to change the value.

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Hey RootKing, thank you for the report.

There indeed seems to be an issue with the screen setting. We will push a fix soon.

In the meantime, can you please elaborate on your use case that compels you to change the screen size?

Thank you!

Closing topic due to fix available in new build. Please refer to the new application on AppStore: ‎Eyeware Beam on the App Store

Please open a new topic in case the issue persists with the new build.