IP address cannot seem to pair


The pairing can’t seem to work. I cannot connect my desktop app to my iPhone app through the IP address.


  1. Connect iPhone and laptop to same WiFi.
  2. Open app on iPhone.
  3. Navigate to Streaming tab to obtain the IP address.
  4. Open the Windows app.
  5. Go through the first welcome step.
  6. Enter IP address in the field as shown in the app.
  7. Click “Save”.

The red error is shown under the IP address field “Connection cannot be established”.

Expected result

To be connected.

Actual result

Connection was not made. An error occurred “Connection cannot be established” with support steps which were followed without the expected outcome.

Content/Useful Information

I found this error repeated in the log.txt:
TrackingManager::_update_gazesense_tracker : unable to initialize GazeSenseTracker with error Network error occured!

Thank you!

Hey Tamimi.

Thank you for writing! Can you please let me know of a few details such as:

  1. Are you using a bridge connection between routers?
  2. Is it possible you have a firewall enabled?
  3. Is it possible for you let me know if your IP is 192.168.X.X or any other type?

Thank you,

Tamimi, I am closing this. If you would like to continue the conversation please open a new topic. Our apologies for the late response time - we will do better in the future.

Have a great day!