Gaze bubble toggle not working

Onboarding works, calibration works, but Gaze Bubble toggle is not working – it won’t turn on.


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  1. Go to ….
  2. Open ….

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Actual result

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Hey DPW, welcome!

A few things:

  1. Are you only interested in eye tracking? I am asking because I am curious whether you have the same experience using head tracking in games.
  2. May I please ask for a clip, if at all possible? Reason I am asking for this is the following: I would like to see if you are correctly being tracked, or if something may hinder your experience. It may be that there could be tracking losses along the way, due to heavy processing or network issues.
  3. Any more details you could possibly give? (such as those in the template from your original post)

Do not worry though, we will get to the bottom of this.

Locking due to lack of response. Please open a new one if the issue persists.