Frequent disconnects begin after ~30-45m


On initial connect, link is stable however some time later head tracking will freeze in game and resume after 5-10s. Intervals between freezes are not predictable.


  1. Open eyewarebeam app on iphone
  2. connect USB and enable streaming in eyewarebeam app
  3. verify eyewarebeam app on PC connects
  4. [optional] perform calibration
  5. start Opentrack and verify connection from eyewarebeam
  6. play game (in my case, IL-2 Sturmovik).

Expected result

Head tracking working as expected

Actual result

Headtracking freezes occasionally. This usually does not start immediately, but once it does it will re-occur frequently.

Content/Useful Information

Connection is via USB cable. Have not attempted any other connection options.
Disconnection can be observed occuring while out of game on Windows desktop, with eyewarebeam adn opentrack apps open. eyewarebeam icon in system tray shows disconnected, then reconnected, and opentrack “octopus” movement matches connect/disconnect in eyewarebeam app.

After disconnecting phone it is warm to the touch, but not overly so.

PC OS: Windows 10 Professional, build 21H2
iTunes version:
EyewareBeam Windows app version: 1.4.0
PC Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, 32G ram, 1TB NVME, Nvidia RTX2060 Super
iPhone OS: IOS 15.1.1
iPhone hardware: iPhone 12, 64G
iPhone Beam app version: 1.4

Hi Foxbait,

Please excuse our delayed answer.

After you start experiencing the issue have you tried recalibrating?
Recalibration is recommended if you have moved, if you have tilted the screen, if you have changed the position of your iOS device, if the level of light in the room has changed. To use Beam you must have good illumination.
The position of your iOS device is important when using Beam if you’re using an external monitor the best position is under the screen in center, if you are using a laptop the best position is on either side of the screen in landscape mode for both cases make sure your iOS device is as close as possible to the screen and is orientated at yourself.
If you are using an external monitor how large is it?
If after recalibration the issues ceases then most likely one of the above reasons was responsible for the issue. If the issue is still occurring please come back at us with a video recording of the behavior experienced if possible.

Thank you,