Eyeware Beam integration with Mobalytics / Tobii SDK


It would be fantastic to be able to use Eyeware Beam as a source for apps that use the Tobii Eye Tracking core software, in specific, Mobalytics for League of Legends.


Currently no support for Eyeware Beam in Mobalytics. Turning on eye tracking opens a popup that says “Oops, looks like there’s a problem. System was not set up properly.”

  1. Open Mobalytics
  2. Turn on eye tracking

Expected result

Mobalytics to use the data available by Eyeware Beam.

Actual result

Mobalytics does not recognise Eyeware Beam.

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Hey @MagicalTrev, thank you for joining our community!

We’ve been discussing about integrations with platforms such as Mobalytics. We’re still on a discovery path to find the best option that we can offer, and we will keep you updated as we make a decision.

How would you describe your use case for a Mobalytics & Beam integration?

This is amazing. Integration with Tobii sounds too good to be true.

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This future integration is the exact reason why I downloaded the app back on June 24th. Even though there isn’t an integration yet, I’ll still keep it around to play with. Love the idea and the vision. I would suggest developing this integration ASAP. The additional users that Tobii and Mobalytics bring from their platforms alone would justify such an integration. Keep up the good work!

Hey @daviddennison,

That is a great and timely idea, as we just released the Beam SDK (check it out!). Unfortunately, the Tobii Core can only support Tobii eye tracking devices. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible for Mobalytics to integrate Eyeware Beam, by using the Beam SDK. Mobalytics is not currently offering an SDK or API we can integrate with. If this were to change in the future, we could make steps towards integrating Mobalytics in Beam.

Also, thanks for helping us spread the news ;). We appreciate the good vibes! So yeah, basically if more people were to request a Beam integration with training tools (such as Mobalytics) this could push the market towards implementing.

We promise to keep pushing!

Hi @RobThePCGuy,

Just to clarify the intent of this post: @MagicalTrev was talking about an integration with Mobalytics.

I figured they’d meant being able to use beam with other proprietary software.

Hi @RobThePCGuy ,

Yep, both is true. Mainly I’m talking about use with Mobalytics which would be fantastic, and I’ve created a post over there too about integration with Beam. Like @Sabrina.Eyeware mentioned, if we can get more visibility of Eyeware Beam then hopefully that’ll push people like Mobalytics and others to also integrate Beam in their software!

Also, my initial post was almost to see if it was possible to integrate Beam with Tobii products, but as already answered, Tobii Core only supports their own products.